"... over 25 years of experience in the
development and application of
assisted moulding processes."

Process Support

Process Support

We offer support at all stages of process development and production. Members of our team have travelled to most parts of the world to support our customers. The support can be tailored to you needs and can be as little as attending initial concept meetings with your toolmaker or providing support through offshore trials at your toolmaker to proving and optimisations trials in your facility.


> We can attend development meetings between you and your design and tooling team to ensure that the process is applied in the best way at the design stage.

> We travel to your toolmaker to attend initial trials on the mould. We help to optimise the process and provide a trial report that details modification to the component or mould to allow improvements in quality and cycle time to be achieved.

> We attend trials in your plant on delivery of the mould and help optimise the production process. We use this as an opportunity to train your staff on the process operation, optimisation and fault finding.

> We can revisit late in the life of a project and reprocess the mould thereby improving the quality and minimising the cycle time. Again this provides an opportunity for training of new staff and retraining of existing staff.

> Problem solving and process optimisation. You have inherited a difficult project that needs to be improved to achieve the quality and production targets set. We visit and complete optimisations trials to identify the problems with the mould or component design. We prepare a full report detailing the modifications that are required to achieve your targets for quality and cycle time. We can support you at review meetings with your customer or toolmaker to present and defend the findings.



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